Absolutely 80s Show

Absolutely 80s Show airlie beach nusic festival

Brian Mannix – Uncanny Xmen
Scott Carne – Kids In The Kitchen
Dale Ryder – Boom Crash Opera
Sean Kelly -Models
Mark Gable -Choirboys

Absolutely 80s Band celebrates 11years of touring with their ‘1 Louder Tour‘
Without doubt, the 80s has been the most memorable and massive decade of music.

Direct from the 80s and the Australian ‘Countdown Era’ these idols of the oz music scene are touring in 2017 in one big show!

The Absolutely 80s Band features some of Australia’s favourite pop icons:

Uncanny X Men’s Brian Mannix, Kids in the Kitchen’s Scott Carne, Boom Crash Opera’s Dale Ryder, Choirboys' Mark Gable and The Models’ Sean Kelly, plus many more household names. They play all of their big hits including ‘Run to Paradise, ‘Barbados’ ‘Everybody Want to Work’, ‘Change in Mood’, ‘Onion Skin’, ‘50 Years’, Current Stand’ ‘Best Thing’, ‘Boys will be Boys ,‘Out of mind ’and loads more chart-toppers.

‘The 1Louder Tour’ marks 11 years of touring for this super group. To quote the
infamous Nigel Tufnel, ‘guitar rock god’ from ‘This Is Spinal Tap’: “This guitar amp goes up to 11”. And that’s exactly what the brand new Absolutely 80s show does – it’s going to push the limits of fun, excitement, energy and great Aussie music over the edge!

It’s a high octane two hour show with Australia’s biggest 80s hits, sung by the guys that sang ‘em back then. On your radio and on Countdown. These are the guys that Molly was, um, talking about when he said: “Do yourself a favour and go buy their records”. They’re the real deal. Sure, they’ve been around but that’s what makes ‘em so damn good!

So, get ready to rock out with your er, whatever takes your fancy. It’s time to get loud, get sweaty and get dancing as the hottest 80s show in the country, the Absolutely 80s ‘1Louder Tour’ amps the dial up to 11!

Keep the 80s party going at home! Available from the show & on iTunes - the new 2 CD set

Then and Now, features original hits from Kids in the Kitchen, Uncanny Xmen, Models, Machinations, Eurogliders and Wa Wa Nee plus live Absolutely 80’s Show recordings featuring Scott Carne, Brian Mannix, Dale Ryder and Paul Gray.

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