Abi Muir

Thursday 3rd November
Passport to Airlie Main Tent from 6pm

Friday 4th November
12pm Anchor Bar

Saturday 5th November
12pm Paradiso

Sunday 6th November
10am Fish D’vine

Abi and her band will take you on a pop-rock journey with goosebump-inducing vocals and a captivating beat supporting the clever lyricism. From the wistful, dreaminess of her debut single heebiejeebies, to her powerful, darkly moving rock track Stockholm, Abi’s creative storytelling, and heartfelt lyrics, release a rush of emotions and feels for her audience. She is a Queensland Music Award Finalist for the last 2 consecutive years, an International Unsigned Only Winner and a John Lennon Award winner in the rock category - the only Australian to ever win this award in this highly competitive category.From humble Highland beginnings on the tiny Isle of Barra, Abi has now graduated school in Cairns and is embarking on her music career with the release of her debut 5 song EP recorded with her band. A cleverly written story of falling in love, losing yourself over love and being trapped in love, an emotional rollercoaster of lyrics, with musical richness and drama, showing the growth and maturity developing in this young artist.