Funk Knuckle

Thursday Passport to Airlie Finals

Friday 1.30pm Boatys

Saturday 12pm Beaches

Sunday 10.30am Beaches

Funk Knuckle is an Australian funk rock music powerhouse, fused together through a love for funk music and driven by a desire to restore original and bone throbbing music back to Brisbane. A collective smorgasbords of funk music enthusiasts, Funk Knuckle strive to bring the dance back into the deepest inch of your fancy dance pants and celebrate the glory, honesty and excitement that is funk rock music. Influenced by industry pioneers such as Parliament, Larry Graham, Primus and Red Hot Chili Peppers, Funk Knuckle strive to continue the legacy that is Funk Rock and embrace the power that still exists in the slap, pop, slam and funk that keeps the heart beating.