Lone Wolves

Friday 8th November
10:15am: Mirage
2:00pm: The Pub
Saturday 9th November
12:45pm: Port of Airlie Fish Bar
Sunday 10th November
12:00pm: Fish D’Vine

Lone Wolves

LONE WOLVES are predominantly a Dance, Rock and Hip Hop Trio.

Lexa is our Rapper, formerly from Sydney, who grew up in an area where you keep your head down and stay tough. Her lyrics often reflect stories from her past which most people find are highly relatable and touching. She started writing at age 8, but had a few years to wait until she could start performing at clubs. A lone wolf with an independent spirit, she brings the Hip Hop to our Trio.

Kaz is our Rock Chick and was always going to be a musician from an early age, constantly providing the stimulus required for her Mum’s migraines with all the tapping and banging. Never really fitting in while growing up and repeatedly told she would never be a singer or musician, Kaz finally decided that being Unique was going to be the best fit. Stereotypes and molds are a thing of the past, but music is forever!

Glen busts out our phat beats. He was a dancer as a youngster, but was inspired to more by watching Rage. His heart moved to drumming, so his Mum signed him up for lessons at school. After grad, he alleges he passed up a job as a Porn Star. He put his efforts instead into beating his drum kits into submission like no one’s business. Winning!

We are all very much individuals, which is why LONE WOLVES suits us. Music unites us and also allows for each member’s uniqueness. We’ll be making loads of noise soon, so make sure you catch us at one of our gigs and let out a HOWL with us!