Lucid Wings - Airlie Beach Festival of Music 2022

Lucid Wings

Saturday 9th November
11:30am: Breeze Bar
12:45pm: KC’s Bar & Grill
Sunday 10th November
9:00am: Breeze Bar


To be taken above the clouds and transported to a new world, where gravitational waves of rhythm, melody and harmony, capture the minds of all observers. To move through the air and fly high with wings, Lucid invites you to join him on a journey and engage in the majestic sounds created by him.

Known quite well at the Winter Moon festival, CQBBBB and Lambert’s Beach Seafood and Wine Festival, Lucid is a stage performer. He loves meeting the awesome people out there and sharing his experience with the world. Lucid has written many songs now and he's not stopping any time soon. Why LUCID? I have an avid understanding of the Universe as well as Lucid Dreaming. Some even call me Jesus haha. I'm no push over when it comes to understanding what's going on around me. It's amazing what other people know as well. I can only learn more.