Spy vs Spy

Saturday 9th November
5.00: Main Stage

  • https://www.vspy-vspy.com/

Spy v Spy

Spy v Spy are the socially conscious band that has been around since the early eighties. They started in Nelson Bay but really found their way once they moved to Sydney.

Fast forward 30 years to now and Michael Weiley has itchy fingers and wants to get back to what he does best - playing guitar live. He talks about seeing Cliff, the original drummer, while catching a train from Central Station, and longs to reunite the magic they shared in the early days.

The message is sent out and Cliff replies a couple of years later. Soon Cliff is back on the skins, providing the missing heartbeat to the band. Their last show together on stage was to a sold-out show and Michael’s last wishes for the band was for them to continue playing Spy v Spy music live.

The Spy’s live show is like being hit by a truck - the songs Injustice, Hard Times, Soldiers, A.O, Credit Cards, One Of A Kind, and Don’t Tear It Down, come at you hard and fast. It's music with a message, and an experience in musical nirvana.

The new line up is:

Cliff Grigg (original drummer), Dean Reynolds (lead vocals), Andrew Davis (lead guitar), Cam Hallmen (bass)