The Base Coats - Airlie Beach Festival of Music 2022

The Base Coats

Friday 8th November
2:00: Beaches
Saturday 9th November
2:00: Boatys
Sunday 10th November
10:00: Fish Bar

The Base Coats

The Base Coats formed through a natural process of friendship, fun and an honest love of great music after the stars aligned and they got their collective shit together!

A four piece dirt/funk/rock/soul outfit with 4 part harmonies and 3 multi instumentalists that play swapsies between the drums, bass and guitars. Throw in some intricate live looping, percussion and didgeribone and you have one seriously dynamic and interesting quartet, it could go anywhere... .. . anywhere in the cosmos.

The Base Coats made their semi - debut at Wintermoon Festival earlier this year after banding together and discovering and loving their song writing process as an awesome foursome. Angie Smith and Josh Notting from Swoon and Joshy J & the Ricochets crashed Cheryl Peppin and Andrew Obst’s gig, at the magic Wintermoon Festival, under their duo show as Fez & the Fox. And Boomshakalaka, The Base Coats were born!

Each individual artist adds a unique ingredient to the the cauldron but together they create a tasty collective drawing on a combined 86 years in the music industry. Local, funky, dirty and original - The Base Coats simply enjoy the art of writing delicious music together and bringing it to a live music venue, back patio or festival stage near you.

Everyone is welcome at our table, come and enjoy a taste of the spicy yet delicate aural stew that is The Base Coats!

It's as good as chicken soup for your soul, Boomshakalaka, Boomshakalaka Now!