Terms and Conditions - Airlie Beach Festival of Music 2022

Conditions of Sale

We are not required to provide a refund if you change your mind about the services you asked for. But you can choose to cancel your contract, and receive a refund for unconsumed services, if the service has a major problem. This is when the service:

  • Has a problem that would have stopped someone from purchasing the service if they had known about it
  • Is substantially unfit for its common purpose, and can’t be easily fixed within a reasonable time
  • Does not meet the specific purpose you asked for and cannot be easily rectified within a reasonable time
  • Creates an unsafe situation.

If you choose to continue with the contract, you can ask us to compensate you for any difference in the value of the services we provided and what you paid. If the problem is not major, we will fix it within a reasonable time. If it is not fixed within this time, you can choose to have someone else fix the problem and recover all reasonable costs from us. If the problem cannot be fixed, we view it as a major problem. Please keep proof of your agreement-e.g. your invoice or quote.


Must be over 18 to enter Main tent venue

Whilst attending the event patrons must not:

  • Litter in the venue or surrounding area
  • Cause damage to, improperly use or tamper with any public facility or festival infrastructure
  • Light or cause to be lit any fire (including barbecues)
  • Operate any event equipment (generator, vehicle, sound and lighting system, two-way radio)
  • Exit the venue via routes other than the designated exits and emergency exits
  • Cause any damage to flora and fauna on or surrounding the venue or enter any onsite bodies of water
  • Behave in a threatening or inappropriate manner (aggressive, riotous, abusive, or insulting actions) towards other patrons or event staff

Breach of the above conditions may result in the removal of the patron from the site. Festival Organisers reserve the right to refuse entry to any person who:

  • Cannot produce a valid ticket
  • Produces an ticket that has been purchased or obtained through an unauthorised source or through illegal means
  • Produces an ticket that has been duplicated
  • Is in possession of and refuses to surrender any prohibited or illegal object

Ticket Names

The name of the ticket holder MUST match the name on the ticket. Photo identification will be required. Any discrepancies may result in cancellation of the ticket without refund.


Wristbands must be worn at all times. Lost, damaged or tampered with wristbands will NOT be replaced by ABFoM.

Any replacement wristbands must be purchased at the full gate price.

ABFoM reserves the right to evict any person who:

  • Is found to have entered the site without a valid wristband. The person will be handed over to authorities and will face a charge of trespassing and be fined
  • Does not comply with these Terms and Conditions
  • Is in possession of any illegal item. Carry bags may be searched prior to entry to the festival precinct
  • Is involved in any illegal activity, including underage drinking. The offender will have their wristband removed, the matter referred to the Police, and be escorted from the festival site
  • Is behaving in a manner that reasonably interferes with other patrons’ enjoyment of the festival
  • Is causing damage, being disruptive or threatens the safety of other people on the festival site
  • Evicted patrons will not be permitted to re-purchase tickets and must leave the festival site immediately

Change of Schedule

While every attempt is made to present the programme as advertised, the programme may be subject to change without notice. No refunds will be given due to a change in programming.